Hot Coffee





Hot Coffee

I Love thee So


Do You Love Me?

It matters not

My love for thee, is the unrequited


You love me or not

Still thee do I Love

You’re warm You’re Hot

I love it hot


You taste

Oh so Good


I need you

whether or not you need me

Still, you’re always there

for me

Each and every morning of my life

you’re there

and I have thee

whether or not you want me


Your’e Hot

then warm

then cold

but you’re always there

I have you

two or three times a day

I have you

sometimes more


You comfort me and you’re always there

you’re coffee

sometimes Sweet

sometimes not

you can be bitter at times

but I love when you’re Hot!

Hot, just for me

Thank You

Thanks for the comfort

the taste

the consistancy

You’re Coffee

I Love it when you’re HOT


Poem by Daniel Bellino-Zwicke


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