Mandina’s is in Italian New Orleans

3800 Canal Street, Mid-City New Orleans
Mandina’s is Awesome and Just about as good as it gets when it comes to wonderful, real restaurants that are un-contrived, but just cool in its oldness. I read about Mandina’s in a great little book about the best of New Orleans. The place sounded wonderful so I just had to go. Just getting there was great as I took a long Trolley-Ride on The Canal Street Trolley to get there. Took about a half hour. When I walked in the door, I knew I made a good choice. The place was jumping with regulars, and both the dining-room and bar were packed, “A Good Sign.” I bellied up to the bar and got myself a perfectly made “Bourbon Old Fashion” my drink of choice whenever I’m in The Big Easy, except when at Napoleon House where I opt for the House Drink, a nice “Pimms Cup.”
   I waited about 15 minuted for my table and it was well worth it. I got a Gumbo to start, followed by Veal Milanese with Red Beans & Rice since it was Monday and Red Beans & Rice day in New Orleans. A cool sweet old black man was my server, he was great. I had a wonderful time there at Mandina’s just taking in all the activity. Everyone seemed to be having a great time, and they were and it was great to feel and watch.
 Oh, by the way, there wasn’t a tourist in sight, other than me, but not really as I don’t consider myself a tourist but a visitor. Mandina’s is far from the French Quarter, it is filled with locals, and this is all the more reason for a tourist to go there, “No other tourists, just locals in a great place that is packed with people who love it, and all having a grand time. Go there, and you’ll have a grand time too, I guarantee!
My Yelp Review of Mandina’s from 2011 … Everything Still Applies
Hop on a Canal Street Streetcar to Get There
It’s a Nice 20 Minute Ride for a Wonderful Time at Mandina’s
a  POBOY  (Poor Boy)




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