Justin Timberlake Performance SUCKS


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Justin Timberlakes Half Time Performance SUCKED !!!

I said it before, I’ll say it again and I’ll keep on saying it until they start to make good music again, if ever, “The Music of The 21st Century SUCKS” ! And that includes the SHITTY CRAPPY Music of JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE and other no talent musicians like Kanye West and Taylor Swift who make HORRIBLE MUSIC that has no melody or rhythm what-so-ever. Justin may be a nice guy, but his MUSIC SUCKS and it’s so sad that people except this CRAP as being good when it’s not, and to hear people like Chris Collingsworth and others say the Half Time Performance was great and amazing is absoluet Hog Wash. How much longer do we have to live with SHIT MUSIC? What happened.  We used to have such wonderful music in the 60s 70s and even 80s, then RAP and so-called Alternative Rock happened. Alternative to what, Great Rock Music of the past and now the alternative is SHIT? Music has DIEDED! This is so sad. But Thank God I have all my great recordings from Frank Sinatra, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, POP, Top 100, and R&B and I don’t have to listen to the SHIT RAP CRAP of KANYE WEST or Justin Timberlake, but I can listen to Marvin Gaye, The Stylistics, The Stones and all the great music of the past. Yes thank God for those guys.

It is really so Awful that people like Jimmy Fallon licks Justin Timberlakes Ass and pretends that he’s a great musician and that his music is good. It isn’t, it Sucks and so does Justin as well I guess, if he chooses to make such crap, and make Millions of Dollars for doing so. It makes me Puke to watch Jimmy Fallon Slobber over Justin and his Shitty Music. Is this what entertainment has come too? Speaking of Jimmy Fallon, I was a fan of his when he had his own show, The Late Show, it was pretty Good and so was Jimmy at the time. But ever Since Jimmy Fallon has taken over the Historic TONIGHT SHOW, he has RUINED the Once Great Storied Television Show and reduced it to CRAP. Who the HELL wants to Watch Fallon Play STUPID SILLY GAMES with his guest? It’s a waste of time and totally bring the show DOWN from the great show it once was when the Great JOHNNY CARSON had it and was King of Late Night TV. Even Jay Leno did a pretty good job keeping it in its original format of mostly having on a couple guests and just chatting with them and hearing his many famous Movie Star, Rock Star, Celebrity Guest talk and tell stories, which is infinitely more INTERESTING than watching them Play Stupid Silly Games the way Jimmy Fallon does. Just another item that deteriorates American Culture, along with that SHITTY NOISE that is HIP HOP RAP or ALTERNATIVE ROCK so-called music.

So, just to reiterate; Justin Timberlake ‘s Music SUCKS as does The Tonight Show now that Jimmy Fallon has gotten his hands on it and DESTROYED this Once Great American Institution. These guys SUCK for doing these things, which are Crimes Against American Culture, American Music, TV, and Entertainment as a whole. 

So, once again, Thank God for Records, CDs, Cassettes, Youtube, and anything that has Preserved the Great Music this country (America) once had.

Basta !


PS .. Justin Timberlake should count his Blessings when he was born. That in being born when he was, he is able to make MILLIONS of DOLLARS for making Such SHITTY Music that would never have been excepted by Producers, Talent Agents (Justin has NO TALENT), Producers, the Media, and Shows like the TONIGHT SHOW when the Great Johnny Carson was Host. Justin could have NEVER Made it back in the 1960s and 70s when there was Truly Great Talented Musical Artist making some of the BEST MUSIC of ALL TIME. They would have Laughed in JUSTIN TIMEBERLAKE’S Face as well as other SHITTY Artist like Kanye West, Taylor Swift and others who because so many MILLIONS of People today have such SHITTY TASTE in Music, these artists who make SHIT For So-Called Music, and make Millions of Dollars for doing so. It has mystified me!





Please Tell Us !



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The Once Great Show Now SUCKS Because of FALLON Playing





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It AMAZE’S ME People Listen to This SHIT

And Have Such POOR TASTE

They Actually Think It’s Good

NOT !!!

Listen to R&B, POP, and ROCK MUSIC of The 60s and 70s

If you Happen to Have Any GOOD TASTE at ALL


and That HORRIBLE Stuff they call ALTERNATIVE ROCK



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