Clemenza Meatball Sunday Sauce Cookbook



Yes “The Greatest Thing Since Sliced Bread” !!! It’s Clemenza’s Meatball Sunday Sauce by Italian-American New York author Daniel B. Bellino … Clemenza’s Mob War Sunday Sauce Recipe from The GODFATHER, Henry’s Veal & Peppers, “Big Paulie” & CHARLIE’S  (Charlie Scorsese) RECIPE for Dolly Scorsese’s Goodfellas Italian Meat Gravy, Mussels Marinara, Pasta Fazool, Johnnie Dio’s Steak alla Prigione, and much more. This Book is filled with Great Recipes and Wonderful Anecdotes of Mobsters, Italian Cooking, and the Italian-American Enclave. It’s a gem that’s a MUST HAVE for All Italian AMericans and those who want to eat like them, “Everyone I Guess.” This book is amazing and sure to be Italian Cookbook Classic .. Simple put, “:Just Love It.”




SUNDAY SAUCE  –  When Italian-Americans Cook  by Daniel Bellino-Zwicke





Learn How to Make Clemenza’s Meatball Sunday Sauce, Pasta Fazool, Henry’s Veal & Peppers, Dolly Scorsese’s Goodfellas Italian Meat Gravy. Mussels Marinara and much more in This Wonderful new Cookbook by Italian-American author Daniel Bellino ..

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TripAdvisor Losses Credibility


TOTONNO’S One of America’s Best PIZZA, Brooklyn, NEW YORK

TripAdvisor makes a major Faux Pas when with their Top 10 Pizza Cities of U.S.  The Faux Pas, TripAdvisor puts the “Undisputed Raining King of American Pizza 4th” and as if they are even more out of their minds rank San Diego # 1, Las Vegas # 2, Boston # 3, and The Champ New York # 4  … It doesn’t take much of a Genius to realize that this is one of the 21st Centuries biggest Media Blunders of all. So bad in fact, “It’s a Joke,” an absurdity that is beyond belief and has “Seriously Hurt TripAdvisor” and given them a major Credibility Issue.  A business that is built on credibility and giving “Advise” as per their “Name,” TripAdvisor is in TROUBLE ..

Below:  “THIS IS INSANITY” !!!

The Top 10 Cities for Pizza, as determined by TripAdvisor:

  1. San Diego, California
  2. Las Vegas, Nevada
  3. Boston, Massachusetts
  4. New York City, New York
  5. Seattle, Washington
  6. Austin, Texas
  7. San Francisco, California
  8. Indianapolis, Indiana
  9. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  10. Phoenix, Arizona

At issue here is not whether San Diego, Boston, and Las Vegas has better Pizza then New York and that they have bragging rights. “Hell No!” They don’t, anyone in their “Right-Mind” knows that no city can touch New York in their superiority as far as Pizza is concerned, New York is America’s undisputed Champ, we have some of the Best Pizza on Eart, and this include Italy. The only city that comes close to New York is New Haven, Connecticut, but even as great as New Haven and the towns pizza is, they are a distant second to New York, Chicago? Fougettabout IT! Chicago, that “Deep Dish Stuff” That’s NOT Pizza, it’s Deep Dish something, not Pizza. The balance is completely off to be called “real pizza.”

The issue here, with TripAdvisor’s Major Foul-Up  is when you go to Tripadvisor for “Advise” on Hotels, Restaurants, and other travel related questions to determine what is the best, and for accurate descriptions, opinions, and ratings, “Is Tripadvisor accurrate and reliable? The answer is, “Sometimes,” just be careful and look to others like Yelp and articles and other info on places you are seeking accurate info and advice about. Don’t solely count on TripAdvisor. This “Pizza Debacle” is a major “blunder” and one that will take Tripadvisor a good long time to recover from.

Daniel Bellino-Zwicke

TUJAGUE’S New Orleans


Painting of TAJAGUE’S by artist Mary DeSilva

Taujague’s is one of New orleans Great Grand Old Restaurants, is one of the Oldest still operating restaurants in America an is second oldest in New Orleans only to Antoine’s .. Opened before the Civil War in 1856, Tufague’s has been feeding New Orlian’s and visitors (Millions) to The Cresent City ever since. Did you know that the Grasshopper Cocktail was “Invented” here? Know I didn’t think you did. Neither did the people at the Stand-Up Bar at Tujague’s did when I was in there on Lundi Day 2007 and ordered one. Everyone was curious as I drank mine. I told them it was invented here and everyone got one. We had a grand time there that day where I stopped in for a couple Grasshoppers after having an 

awesome lunch of a Muffuletta at Central Grocery a few doors down on Decator Street. I then walked up the block to Cafe Du Monde for Beignets and Cafe au Lait before heading over to Tujague’s for the Grasshoppers and merriment at the famed Stand-Up Bar (No Seats) …





Drinking “GRASSHOPPERS” with A Friend I Met at TAJAGUE’S Stand-Up Bar

Cafe Du Monde … New Orleans “Americas Greatest Cafe”



America’s Greatest Cafe? What and where is it? Where? First thoughts might run to the culinary capital of America, New York .. You’d be wrong. Though we have many fine cafes in New York and probably the city with more great cafes than most of America, when it comes to AMerica’s number 1, single best, undisputed champ, America’s Greatest Cafe, one stands alone, with whoever number two is, it’s a distant second, America’s Greatest Cafe is without a doubt Cafe Du Monde in The French Quarter of New Orleans .. Wow, was that a mouthful or what ..

Cafe du Monde is America’s best cafe on two fronts. Number one being that they serve this World’s Best Beignets (French Donuts “No Hole”), and the World’s Best Chicory Coffee “Cafe au Lait” … Second the ambiance and physical of the place is wonderful. Number 3, the customers, the people and amount of people that go there, and that just about everyone who goes there (about 99%) makes at least one stop at Cafe du Monde on their trip ..  There are no statistics on it, but I’m pretty sure that more people have had coffee at Cafe du Monde than any other Cafe in the World, including cafes that are older .. Speaking of old as far as cafes or any restaurant or any business goes, Cafe du Monde has been around serving happy customers Cafe Lait and Beignets for more than 150 years .. They have been in continuous operation since 1862 … And there serve thousands of people each and every day 365 days a year, year-after-year … There is no restaurant that comes close in raw numbers … They serve about 35,000 people a week, or 1 Million + 638,000 people a year ..

But, the fact that Cafe Du Monde is thee number 1 place that everyone, whether tourists or locals has to go to … I love Napoleon House, Galatoire’s, and Tujague’s but great as they are, not everyone goes to them. “Everyone goes to Cafe Du Monde.” It’s a meeting place where you get a tasty cup of Cafe au Lait and 3 Beignets for a mere $4.50 … You will see everyone there, and you always have a great time. Cafe Du Monde, one of the World’s greatest and without a doubt AMerica’s Greatest Cafe ..



Beignets and Cafe au Lait








What a shame. We Lost one of the “Few Great” Musical Artist of the current day .. “God The Music is So Dam Awful These Days” !!! Other the the late great Amy Winehouse, Alicia Keys, Ceelo Green and just a “Handful” of other, “The Music These Days Is Total CRAP” !!!! What The Hell Happened to the Music World, Musical Artists, and People Taste? All turned to Crap I guess?
That’s why we have to hang on to the great musicians of days past. people like Frank Sinatra, Jimi Hendrix, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones (still current), Marvin Gaye, and on and on .. Thank God for Records and Recordings and the Great Musical Artists of The 5os, 60s, 70, and even 80s or if we had to depend on current “Shitty Musicians Like The Likes of Today.” Thank Goodness for “Amy” Janis, Jimi, Marvin, all the Great R&B of the 60s, 70s, and 80s, Gar Rock, Classic Rock, Rock N Roll and all the Great Music of The Past .. We certainly have next to nothing today, “Nothing But Crap” I see Bands on all the 3 Late Shows on every night that are “Absolutely Horrible” devoid of talent, or any life, melody, and rhythm in their SHITTY MUSIC, “Just a Bunch of Crap.” 90% of The Musical Artist that I see on Letterman, Leno, and Jimmy Fallon’s shows would have been “laughed off the stage” back in the 60’s and 70’s …. They wouldn’t even make it to the stage as bookers would ask them “Are you out of you mind? You’re Terrible! What makes you think you could ever possibly play on the Tonight Show?” OR any other TV Show back then. Back then you had to have talent, their was quite a lot of Talent back then. Now their is such “Shit” and nothing else, that shows like Letterman, The Tonight Show and Late Night With Jimmy Fallon are forced to put on Shit. There’s nothing else. No alternative. Thank God for old R&B, Rock-N-Roll, Pop, and AMerican Standards. We have something to listen to .. Great Things !

Daniel Bellino-Zwicke





Listen to this soulful performance by Amy Winehouse, singing Love is a Losing Game at the Brit Awards. She’s pouring her heart out over her low-life husband Blake, who it is widely believed was the person who got her onto hard drugs and a path towards a downward spiral of ill health.
The official coroners report stated that Amy died of Alcohol Toxicity from consuming a too much alcohol and too short a time, in affect poisoning her body and bloodstream. The autopsy confirmed that Winehouse had 350mg of alcohol in her bloodstream causing her death. 
Amy had many daemons, so they say, she struggle with Drug Addiction, Alcohol addiction and Bulimia. Sadly Amy didn’t make it. She was unable to overcome her daemons before she died. There have been many Rock Stars who have had huge drug problems and still made it. They abused drugs, but didn’t die and cleaned up their acts in time to prevent dying. Case in point Steven Tyler of Aerosmith, and most famous of all Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones. Amy and others, such as; Jimi Hendrix, Brian Jones, and Jim Morrison of The Doors. Sadly, unlike others who made it, these artists were unable to get clean before their apparent deaths including Amy Winehouse. Amy Winehouse was a great talent. It would have been wonderful if she made it past that critical point that took her bright life.
We remember Amy Winehouse, by listening to her music, and soulful recordings as we pray for her soul, and lament her not making it. God Bless Amy.
Sadly for Amy Winehouse
Love was a Losing Game
ROCK STARS Who Died at the Age of 27
Jim Morrison
Jimi Hendrix
Janis Joplin
Brian Jones
Amy Winehouse
The 27 Club

Minetta Tavern

Minetta Tavern

Possibly at Training Camp in New Jersey .. Tony Preparing for With Jake La Motta “The Raging Bull” From The BRONX,
NEW YORK …. Eddie Owner of Famed Greenwich Village Restaurant MINETTA TAVERN on Macdougal Street in The Village, a spot were Prize Fighter, Musicians, and Movie Stars congregated, drinking, eating, socializing and having a grand time, including the likes of Ernest Hemingway, and …