McDonald’s is Not So Bad ???
Yes It’s True !!!
McDonald’s is not so Bad? Are you kidding? No I’m not. In fact they’re pretty good. Yes, I know I might get slammed for saying this. Are you kidding or what? Or just dumb and devoid of taste? Not! I’m far from it. I have an abundance of taste, unlike the majority of Americans. Sorry, facts are facts. 
I’ve eaten at some of the World’s Finest Restaurants, all around the World, in cities like my own, New York, Paris, Rome, Hong Kong, Saigon, Bangkok, Buenos Aires, Rio di Janiero, 
New Orleans, Bologna, Verona, Milan, Napoli, and-on-and-on.
I’ve eaten at La Coupole, Bottega del Vino, Galatoire’s, Le Cirque, Peter Luger’s, Pandamoneo, Minetta tavern, Totonno’s, Rutt’s Huts, and again, and-on-and-on …
I know my food. And I’ll tell you what, I’ve been eating Burgers since I was a little tike. I know my Burgers .. My dad took us to every great Burger Joint in; Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania on vacations and many a road trip throughout my childhood. Yes I know Burgers. 
As a kid, we didn’t go to McDonald’s all that much, my dad preferred going to other places, but I always loved McDonald’s and wanted to go there more often seeing their advertisements on TV constantly. I want my Big Mac, but never ate man of them. Not until I became a teenager anyway and could go and get Burgers, Hot Dogs, Shakes, Subs and such on my own … Back then, I really loved Big Macs, but then became enamored of The Quarter Pound with Cheese. These days I prefer the McDouble … Believe it or not, they’re quite tasty, and the price is right, coming in at about $2.00 a piece depending where you are. There is not one standardized price for McDonald’s items, those most people think they are .. In a high rent district like New York City where I live, rents are high, thus Big Macs, Shakes, Fries, and all items cost a little more. The Dollar Menu is anything but anymore, should be more like the $2.00 Menu, cause most items cost just about that on this so-called Dollar Menu. Not !!!
Anyway, I’m not really complaining about that. I’m actually praising McDonald’s here. Most who know me or have read my writings, might not expect me to ever praise McDonald’s .. Yes I can be a snob, and by the same token not .. I’m all about the truth, being a leader, not a follower. I’m actually quite a big trend-setter. Who do you think invented the double shirt (wearing 1 Dress Shirt over another) and was one of the FIRST Ever to wear Bowling Shoes outside of a Bowling Alley (along with my buds). Yes, Me.
Some people have No Balls, and though they my love McDonald’s, they keep it Secret, and don’t have the balls to admit it, or any other number of things they feel others would look down upon, whether it’s admitting they like McDonald’s, they watch reality TV, or whatever. Followers they are. Not me, I tell it like it is. I’m not afraid to admit that I like McDonald’s and that I’m a total McRib Fanatic extraordinaire.
have you been to a McDonald’s lately? Some are really quite nice, with a new modern look that’s comfortable and inviting. They have free Wifi and play pleasant music, which doesn’t include any CRAP like RAP. Thank God for that. Thank you McDonald’s. Thanks for the nice new settings, 99 Cent Coffee, $2 McDoubles, and free Wifi, and a nice place to go and chill and not get Raked-Over-The -Coals money wise, we need these days in such a sluggish economy, we need good deals, affordable eats & drinks and places to hang for just a couple bucks, McDonald’s fits the bill.
Paris Hilton Eats a Burger
by Daniel Zwicke
COFFEE at McDonald’s Only .99 CENTS
Includes Free Wifi
Yummm !!!!


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