Once Upon a Tart “A Sad DAY” The LAST DAY

ONCE UPON A TART Closing After 23 Years in Soho
SATURDAY August 23, 2014


It’s a very sad day in our neighborhood of South Greenwich Village / Soho today. Our beloved favorite little Mom & Pop Bakery / Cafe UNCE UPON A TART is Closing today. It’s the last day, my last Coffee and the last time to see our lovely friends; Cleo, Samina, Kanai, and Jerome .. 
Once Upon a Tart has been like family to us. Those of us living in the neighborhood like myself who go there the first thing in the morning after leaving my house, I go to Once Upon a Tart fo my morning Coffee. But it’s much more than that. It may sound Cliche, but in my case it really is, these people (the gcounter girls) are literally like family to me. I’m single and don’t have a family and going to The Tart is almost like going to a second home where these lovely ladies, Cleo, Anna, and Samina are so nice and sweet, seeing them each morning brightens my day and starts it off just right. It really means a lot to me. And let me not forget Jerome, the owner of the Tart who with his wonderful little bakery / cafe, has brought joy and a place to go for those of us in the neighborhood as well as a multidude of tourists who find a lovely little cafe were they can get a bite to eat, a coffee and a bit of relaxation in a wonderful independent non-Starbucks cafe. How refreshing.
I’ve bee going to the Tart for 23 years since the place first opened. My girlfriend Dante and I were strolling the neighborhood and discovered this lovely little place. I’ve been going there ever since, never missing a beat. I love this place and will “Miss it Greatly.” I will miss the nice ambiance, the coffee, tasty muffins and tarts, but most, I’ll miss those wonderful girls who give me my coffee with a sweet smile each and everyday. I’m almost about to cry. Thank You to The Tart, to Jerome, and all the lovely ladies who have worked there over the years. A not so sweet but sad goodbye. Farewell.

Semena, Myself, and Cleo

One of my cafe Friends CHRIS N …


by Daniel Bellin-Zwicke

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