My Favorite Picasso Paintings



Sleeping Peasants

Pablo Picasso



Sleeping Peasants, 1919, is the most potent of the small erotic paintings that is brilliantly colored. The restless, irregular rhythms mapped out by the contours of the tume scene limbs and rumpled drapery amount to a graph of love-making which has just occurred, while the woman’s thrown-back head and uncovered breast confirm her Maenadic ancestry. The ripe bodies nestled in the ripe crops implying some archaic fertility rite. 

The painting is carefully planned and controlled, and in that sense an Apolline work of art, and makes its share of erudite allusions to the classical tradition: to the Antique (the pedimental sculptures of the Parthenon), the Renaissance (the massive, straining figures of Michelangelo) and modernist classicism (the late Arcadian scenes of Cezanne). 



Women Running




Yes, “Sleeping Peasants” painted in Paris 1919 by Pablo Picasso is my favorite of all Picasso paintings. I came upon it one day at the MOMA, The Museum of Modern Art in New York. I was at the MOMA one night, walking around looking at paintings when I came upon this masterpiece by the great Spanish Artist Pablo Picasso. I came upon this wonderful little painting and was immediately enamored with it, “I fell in love in an instant.” Look at it, it’s absolutely  gorgeous the way the great artist conceived and executed it. The painting is so wonderful, I just love it. Though it’s not one of Picasso’s greater works, and one most people wouldn’t be familiar with, to me it’s priceless. And I couldn’t believe my good fortune when I was given a gorgeous copy of this painting, painted by New York artist Wayne Enstrude. It now hangs in my living room and I love just as much as the original by Pablo Picasso. My friend Wayne captured it perfectly, so Lucky Me.

Also picture above, is Picasso ‘s “Running Women” another Picasso painting that I love so much, that I once painted a copy of it myself. When I was moving from New York’s East Village to Greenwich Village, for lack of space (and Money) I sold it. Sorry I did, and I wish I still had it. Another painting I copied by Picasso was Picasso’s portrait of Gertrude Stein, of which, when Picasso  finished painting it and Stein saw it, she remarked, “that doesn’t look like me.” Picasso replied, “it will,” meaning one day Gertrude Stein would look like the portrait that Picasso painted of her. And so it did.



My copy of PICASSO ‘S “The DOVES”

Painted by Me





The Original by PICASSO




“Woman with Artichoke”