Pablo Picasso

South of France



My favorite PICASSO Painting of all …



WOMEN at The SPRING  1922

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Picasso Self Portrait




The Ragu Bolognese Cookbook


by Danny Bolognese



Robert Parker ‘s Bad Wine Advice

Robert Parker
Most Wine Drinkers may not know this, but they’d be well advised not to ever listen to Robert Parker and his ill-advised wine news-letter The Wine Advocate. Not if they want the best wine drinking experience possible and they want to choose a good wine to go with their meal, they will not follow the horribly detramental wine drinking advice and reviews that Robert Parker gives on wine. The kind of wines Parker loves the most are overly-oaked, Overly-Rich, heavily concentrated wine that are crafted to be Heavy Thick Full Bodied Oaky Fruit-Bomb Wines that un-naturally made wine that are awful to drink with food. The Wines that Parker likes clash with food instead of complimenting it. If it was up to Robert Parker he’d have all the wines in the World tasting like over-manipulated, big, fat powerful wines like California Cabernets and Meritage Blends instead of wonderful food complementary wines such as; true Chianti, Barolo, Brunello, Beaujlais, some Bordeaux wines and the like. Wines  that go well with food instead of clashing with it as many of the so-called Parkerized Wines do. The man has ruined the publics perception to what good wine is and should be. The public thinks because he is a famous wine writer, that he knows best and what he’s talking about. Maybe he does, but the style of wine he likes, well, they are quite questionable.

    If the general public wants the best wine drinking experience possible, they’d be wise to steer clear of The Wine Advocate and any wine advice dished out by Mr. Parker.

      Robert Parker’s advice on wine is advice that steers and influences peoples perceptions of what great wine is, into a quite a bad, almost one-dimensional place of homogenized overly thick un-natural wines. People should stop taking advice of Robert Parker and the World of Wine would be a much better place, a place of real more natural wines that is. So ladies and gentlemen you should know the Robert Parker’s wine-advice SUCKS to put it mildly. Robert Parker and his wine reviews, and Ratings of Wine quite literally Suck The Big One.
     If you want to be true to the local terroir of where ever any particular wine might come from, in other words, Chianti should taste like Chianti, Barolo should taste like Barolo, and Bordeaux like Bordeaux and not like a “Big Fat” California or Autralian Cabernet or Meritage Blended Wine and such.

 People should drink wines that go great with food and are “Real Natural Wines” the kind of Wines that were made for 100 of years and still are except for those wines made by owners who have fallen into to whole Robert Parker “Spin Doctor” realm and make “Overly-Concentrated Wine” that taste fake and un-natural, they are manipulated and are the kind of wines that Parker loves and gives High 90 Plus Ratings to. These wines all sell very well and demand high inflated prices because most people are followers and unable to make up their own minds so they listen to Svengali and buy these over-rated manipulated wines bolstered by Robert Parker and his terrible twist on wine. Many wine-makers want to jump on the Band Wagon and sell more wine at the highest prices, thus the dilemma of Parker and his terrible influence on the Wine World.

   So people I urge you to drink real wine. Drink real Chianti (not any that contain Cabernet Sauvignon or Merlot), drink Barolos that have been aged in large gentile Slovenian Oak Cask instead of small 225 liter Barrique Barrels that make many wines taste more of Wood (the way Parker likes them) than beautiful unadulterated with natural fruit (Grapes). Drink wines like; Brunello, Cote du Rhones, and just about anything other than overly-concentrated, overly Oaked, manipulated over-oaked wines from Australia and over-powering Californian and Australian monsters and you’ll be doing OK, “Just DON’T Listen to anything ROBERT PARKER and his highly popular but detrimental newsletter The Wine Advocate. The man almost single handily Destroyed what Good Wine “is” and should be and the general publics perception on wine for they beleive they are following the advice of an expert. ” NOT !!!.
So folks be “Anti-Parker” you’ll be glad you Do.

Daniel Bellino Zwicke

= ‘s a better Wine Experince for all !!!

Usain Bolt Wins Olympic Gold




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USAIN BOLT WINS GOLD in Mens 100 Meter Dash at 2016 OLYMPIC GAMES









Man Bun Assholes

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Donald Trump Man Bun

Guys with Man Buns, guess what ? You look like Assholes !


Guys, let’s get past this horrible fad. I can’t understand why a guy would go through the effort of intentionally growing out and cutting their hair in a way that would allow them to pull it up into a bun so they resemble a woman. Just because some great looking actor pulls it off doesn’t mean you should do it. When you do it you’re just an ugly dude that’s trying too hard with his man bun. Not fair on my part, but I immediately dismiss man bun wearers as complete douchebags. Sorry.

Mel and Heath are originals. Their man bun was forged out of necessity. You can’t have hair in your eyes as you shove a bayonet into a Red Coat’s heart. You need to see the expression on their face when you whisper, “Today, we celebrate our independence day, motherfucker.”

In almost every situation, a problem isn’t the originator, it’s the imitators. Bluetooth headsets were a hands-free option that made total sense until the guy at the car dealership started wearing them while he wasn’t on the phone. It’s not the guy who puts up that first bun, it’s the guy who sees the hot chick posting a Buzzfeed list of dudes with buns and spends the next year with a bun as his goal. The vagina has mystical, mind bending powers over the male proclivities. Think about skinny jeans, vegan food, writing about love for Elite Daily. Those all started with one dude who got laid and then a million different imitators came along, douched it up, and wasted a country’s time. Cure cancer? Nope, Trevor has to fix his hair bumps created by his pony tail. Start a business? Tucker needs to condition. Invent a blow job robot? Sorry, Smithson has an hour of brushing he has to do each night. Defend this country from China? Rory is debating bangs.

Since the dawn of time, male fashion decisions have been based off getting them laid. A caveman once tripped over a rock, and he heard a girl say “Eww” about his taint and now we are all sitting here in this underwear hell. There was an April Fools Day prank about clip-on man buns and I believed it because if vagina was one clip-on away we’d all be shopping for bobby pins. The more we encourage this look, the more we encourage the imitators spending their days trying to create an image of manliness that is built on months of un-manly moments. The longer we push the man bun dudes to the front of the alpha class, the more that door stays open for “men” that complain about gluten allergies in public. If the man-bun rules the pussy, then a larger group of pussies will be leading this nation.

Please, women of these United States of America, stop having sex with man bun guys. Resist the temptation. Understand that for every guy who puts his hair in a bun out of necessity, there are six more who saw it in a magazine while getting a mani-pedi. Go for the clean cut guy your grandfather would have fought a war with. Go for the guy wondering about farts. Go for the guy taking off his t-shirt like a fat, dumb animal. Go for a man bun guy, and you’ll create a country of men tucking hair behind their ears instead of pulling yours.





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George Washington Man Bun



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George W. Busch Cornrow Man-Bun




Michael Phelps Leads Team USA to Gold Medal Win in Mens 4×100 Relay

2016 OLYMPICS  Rio de Janeiro BRASIL
Michael Phelps & Teemates receiving Gold Medal 
for Win of Mens 4X100 Relay
Michael Phelps Kisses His 19th Gold Medal
Michael Phelps & Teammate Raise Hands Triumphantly
as USA Mens Team Win 4X100  Freestyle Relay
Michael Phelps Dives into Olympic Swimming Pool
in Rio de Janeiro at Finals of Mens 4X100 Relay
Phelps diving into the Pool as the Second Leg of USA Mens 4X100 Freestyle
Relay Team .. Phelps leads Team USA into First Place where the US Team stayed for
the remainder of the race to Win The GOLD MEDAL of The Mens 4X100 Freestyle Relay Race
of The Rio Olympics 2016
This was Phelps 19th Gold Medal Win and 23rd Medal overall in Olympic Competition