Word Association Game. You Say “Argo” I say Overrated. Argo Won The Oscar for Best Picture of The Year last Night. I saw the picture  it was good, maybe ever very good, but great as people have been throwing around for most, please give me a break. If Argo is the Best Picture of The Year for 2012 / 2013 then the Hollywood and the Motion Picture Industry is in trouble and serious delusional, as is a good part of the U.S. population who seem to be mostly followers who jump on each and every  Band-Wagon that comes along.

   Yes, I saw Argo. I like it. It was enjoyable and I felt I got my moneys worth. But it didn’t bowl me over as being a great or phenomenal picture. Having heard the hoopla about the movie before I went, I felt myself sitting in the theater, waiting for greatness, excitement  something to move me and make me feel and say, “Yeah, this movie is great.” Guess what ladies and gentlemen, I didn’t. The movie was good, I liked it, the expectation were of greatness with all the press was saying, guess what, Argo is good and maybe even as High as Very-Good, but Great? Or The Best Picture of The Year, “Far From It my friends.”

    In the past two months or so, I’ve really gotten tired of hearing all the over hyped BS about this movie being so good, “Great.” Not !!! And give me a break about Affleck getting robbed by The Academy for not getting a Best Director Nomination. That was actually a good call by the Academy, the bad call came last night when Argo was awarded The Best Picture Oscar. Is this wheat Hollywood and the rest of the movie business calls Best Picture Quality? Sad! Very Sad. Let’s hope Hollywood can come up with something a lot better next year, cause Argo just doesn’t cut the mustard, despite what the masses of American “Followers” think. You need to do better guys (Hollywood).


Daniel Bellino-Zwicke


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