There’s gonna Be a Lot of Unhappy Cobblers in Italy






No Red Shoes for The Pope .. The Fashionistas say “Tell Me It Isn’t So.” Our new Pope, Pope Francis, already quite beloved has not donned the traditional Papal Red Shoes yet, and it seems as though he may never do so. Pope Francis, formerly know as Jorge Mario Bergoglio of Buenos Aires, Argentina has apparently  ditched the famed Red Shoes who many fashionistas thought were Prada, but not. Pope Francis has been wearing a very modest pair of Black Shoes so-far, and inside sources say our New Pope has rejected the famed Red Shoes and might very well never wear them.

Before he left Buenos Aires, Cardinal Bergoglio was wearing shoes that were so shabby that friends of his insisted on buying him a new pair. 




  This Man Used to Make Pope Benedict’s Red Shoes and Will Be Quite Sad if Our New Pope “Pope Francis” Does Not Do the same.





Daniel Bellino-Zwicke


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