Martin Richards

God Bless You Young Martin

May You Rest in Peace

And Bless Your Family and Give Them Strength

And Wishing Blessings and The Best Recovery Possible

For Your Mother and Sister’s Speedy Recovery Now and Forever

And May They Live Lives Filled with Love and Happiness

Ever Though They Lost You Martin and Will Never Forget You

Look Down From Heaven at Your Mother, Sister, Father and Entire Family

One Day You Will Be with Them Again Dear Martin

And Know That Not Only Your Family But All of Boston

and All The People of America have Been Touch By The Loss of Your

Sweet Young Innocent Life and That It Hurts Us to See Such a Beautiful Young Boy’s

Life Taken a Such a Young Tender Age and For No Reason at All

A Senseless Useless Act of Terrible Violence

God Bless You Beautiful Young Martin and Again Rest in Peace Dear Boy.



God Bless And Rest in Peace, Daniel

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