Michael Phelps Leads Team USA to Gold Medal Win in Mens 4×100 Relay

2016 OLYMPICS  Rio de Janeiro BRASIL
Michael Phelps & Teemates receiving Gold Medal 
for Win of Mens 4X100 Relay
Michael Phelps Kisses His 19th Gold Medal
Michael Phelps & Teammate Raise Hands Triumphantly
as USA Mens Team Win 4X100  Freestyle Relay
Michael Phelps Dives into Olympic Swimming Pool
in Rio de Janeiro at Finals of Mens 4X100 Relay
Phelps diving into the Pool as the Second Leg of USA Mens 4X100 Freestyle
Relay Team .. Phelps leads Team USA into First Place where the US Team stayed for
the remainder of the race to Win The GOLD MEDAL of The Mens 4X100 Freestyle Relay Race
of The Rio Olympics 2016
This was Phelps 19th Gold Medal Win and 23rd Medal overall in Olympic Competition


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