Woody Allen Cafe Society


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Cafe Society by legendary Director Woody Allen was quite a nice surprise, I just loved it. The film follows a young slightly naive Booby Dorfman who leaves New York and the dull job working for his father in the jewelry business in New York. Booby heads to La La Land, Hollywood of the 1930s where his Uncle Phil is a high-powered agent who Bobby hopes to get work with. Uncle Phil is not that interested in Bobby and brushes him off for two weeks before he does finally see Bobby. Phil finally meets with Bobby. He knows Bobby is trying to get a job working for him, but tells Booby that there is nothing available. Bobby tells Phil that he’ll do anything, and Phil tells he do errands for him.

Phil introduces Bobby to his secretary Veronica, nicknamed Vonnie (Kristen Stewart), who is tasked with helping Bobby settle into Hollywood. Bobby is drawn to her unpretentiousness as opposed to most young women living in Hollywood, and falls deeply in love with her. She rebuffs his advances, telling him she has a journalist boyfriend named Doug. In reality, “Doug” is Phil, with whom Vonnie is carrying on an illicit romance; he promises to divorce his wife and marry her.

Kristen Stewart was wonderful as Bobby’s love interest Vonnie. She is radiant on screen, and quite beautiful.


to be continued …





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