Remembering My Friend GLENN OBRIEN


A Post from my Faccebook Author Page, November 27, 2018 .  Remembering my old friend Glenn Obrien …

Post :

Most people obvisously think that it is #MickJagger on the ROLLING STONES Cover of STICKY FINGERS .. It is not. That’s my good old friend #GlennObrien… Glenn was working with #AndyWarhol ‘s Factory at the time. He was Editor at Andy’s INTERVIEW MAGAZINE. Glenn also wrote and edited for Rolling Stone Magazine and other puclications and was the “STYLE GUY”

I’m posting this as I’m going to see the STONES in concert in June and whenever I listen to Sticky Fingers songs or see a picture of the album, I always think of my Buddy GLENN who is the model on the Album Cover STICK FINGERS designed by ANDY WARHOL when Glenn was at the Factory. Glenn was a great Guy, I loved him and looked up to him, “He was an Idol of Mine.” Sadly Glenn passed away last year. All of us who knew him , Miss Glenn dearly .

Daniel BZ





Pictures : Glenn Obrien on the cover of STICKY FINGERS, Glenn with #DebbieHarry on his show TV PARTY, Glenn at home with his BASQUIAT s, and Glenn “The STYLE GUY” GQ Magazine …







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