My New Favorite Slice of New York Pizza




My New Favorite Slice of PIZZA in New York
It’s The Soho Square at PRINCE STREET PIZZA
Pepperoni Square Slice Prince Street Pizza … Well, of Course I still Love the Masterful Pizza by The Great DOM DeMARCO who I have felt makes thee # 1 Best PIZZA in all of NEW YORK ever since I had my first slice there in 2008, “I just Love IT.” But in all honesty, I have to say, since I can hardly ever make it all the way out to (once in 2 Yrs) Avenue J in BROOKLYN to DiFara Pizza, and then once I get there, have to wait on line for an hour and a half or more before I get some Pizza, it’s a bit too much for someone who lives in Manhattan and doesn’t have a car to ride around, so I don’t know if I can say it’s my favorite slice anymore. In fact, I know it’s not my favorite slice anymore, that honor goes to the awesomely delicious slice called the S”oh Square at Prince Street Pizza in the former spot of the really true first “Ray’s Pizza,” of Famous Ray’s Pizza fame when several Pizzerias around town claimed that they were the Original Ray’s, but were not. So, yes this spot has major New York Pizza History Chops, having the the real any truly 1st Ray’s Pizza opened here in 1959 by Ralph Cuomo, and now with the phenomenal success of Prince Street Pizza with it’s insanely popular slice, The Soho Square that has hundreds of people lining up on the perpetual line at Prince Street Pizza day and night 7 days a week, people just love it, and I’m one of them. Now, don’t get me wrong, I still love the Pizza at DiFara Pizza by the great Dom DeMarco, and I still feel he makes thee Best Pizza in all of New York, and thus the Best in America, it’s just not my favorite for reasons I’ve already explained, of which anyone I’m sure would agree that it’s just too far away for Manhattanites, and then there’s that long wait on top of it. “Sorry Dom.”
So now since I’ve discovered the Soho Square at PRINCE STREET PIZZA its “Mind Blowingly Awesome Taste,” yes it is without question my new favorite slice in all the city of New York.  It’s a perfect slice of SICILIAN PIZZA topped with Top quality Pepperoni from Salumeria Bielesse, and a whole lot of the stuff to boot. No they don’t skimped on the tasty Pepperoni at all. “Thank You Guys.” And the fact that I can walk there in about 15 minutes,as opposed to having to take a whole half a day to do a trip at DiFara, the Soho Square is my new favorite slice. 
Basta !







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