deBalasio Cuomo Go to Hell to NY Restaurant Workers / Owners

Yes, Go to Hell is what it amounts to. Restaurant workers are hurting. We’re not making enough to pay our Bills. Outside dining is not the answer, we need indoor dining in restaurants to start, “Now!” Governor Cuomo has the nerve to talk about ex-President Gerald Ford metaphorically telling New York to Go to Hell back in the 70s, and he is the Governor of New York and what he is doing to the restaurant workers of New York City, is basically the same. Mayor Bill deBlasio and Govenor ANdrew Cuomo, by not letting restaurants open for indoor dining (which is desperately Needed), Mayor deBlasio and Govenor Cuomo are metaphorically telling the hundreds of thousands of New York City Restaurant Workers to “Go to Hell,” the same as President Ford in The 70s, no difference. Will you guys (Cuomo & DeBlaaio) please “WAKE UP,” we need to go to Work. “We need to make Money. We need to Pay our Bills! Please!”

You’re supposed to be our Mayor and Help us, not Hurt Us, and that’s what you’re doing Mr. Mayor deBlasio. What’s wrong with you. You keep gloating about the outdoor seating like it’s the great saviour of the restaurant business and it’s Hundreds of Thousands of restaurant workers who depend on going to work, and making our meager livings, just to barely put a Roof Over Our Head and some food on the table and not a whole lot more. We are people of meager means, we are not even of the Middle Class which barely exist any more. We are of the lower class in terms of the money we make, but can you at least please let us do that. Please open indoor dining so we (I) can all get back to work, and make my regular paycheck that just barely pays the bills, but it does at least do that, and I can pay my rent and but food, “which I can not do now. I only get $433 a week Un-Employment, which bring me up to $900 short to pay my Rent and buy food for the week. Mr. Mayor and Governor Cuomo, you two guys are keeping me from making my living. Do you guys want to pay my Rent?”

I used to stand by Governor Cuomo but now I’m starting to get tired all this BS everyday, and they way he sort of acts like a Dictator. The Moronic thing that Cuomo and deBlasio say, their excuses are getting to be to much. “What the Hell is Wrong with you Two Guys. We want to go back to work. Can you get that through your Thick Skulls?

“Mayor deBlasio and Governor Cuomo, stop telling us to “Go to Hell,” open indoor dining in restaurants in NYC. We NEED to Go Back to Work Guys !!!!”


“Duhhhhh” ????


CUOMO is Beginning to Sound Like a DICTATOR


“Hello Mr. Mayor and Mr Governor, This Is NOT The ANSWER” !!!!

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