CARBONE SIGN When It Was Still ROCCO RESTAURANT  “Prior To CARBONE Being Superimposed In NEON Over ROCCO ... Photo Daniel Bellino-Zwicke

Remembering back to My Days at DaSilvano .. I was the Maitre’d and DaSilvano was Thee # 1 Single Hottest Celebrity Spotting Restaurant of All .. No Place could touch it. “And I mean Nobody.” Back then and up to Silvano’s Drop from New York’s Hot Celebrity Spot was back in 2008 when Vanity Fair Magazine Editor In Cheif Graydon Carter opened his restaurant The Waverly Inn with Hotel and Night Club Impresario Eric Goode … The Waverly Inn Instantly Became Thee Celebrity Restaurant to Be Seen and Seen At … Carter Stole Silvano’s Thiunder and Has not been the same since.

When I was Manager / Maitre’d at Da Silvano from 1998 – 2001 Da Silvano was the place for the “Movers And Shakers” in the Movie, Record and Music, Publishing, and Fashion Worlds. Da Silvano saw at it’s tables Movie Stars, Rock Stars, Famous Writers and Everyone Who Was Anyone as they say. Over my years there, I schmoozed with and took care of the likes of regulras; Gwyneth Palthrow, Richard Gere, Paul McCarteny, David Bowie, Calvin Klein, Ethan Hawke, Keith Richards, Nick Tosches, Dominic Dunne, Griffin Dunne, Francesco Clemente, Madonna, and-on-and-on … The list is too long to name everyone … There was a lot of Energy in The Joint, and I for One Just Loved it. As did all the Celebs that packed in to Da Silvano each and every night.  

Da Silvano was on Top. But No More. Now it’s places like Minetta Tavern and Carbone, both just two short blocks from the once “capital of New York Celebritydom” These two restaurants have taken over were DaSilvano left off. Wait a minute now. I almost left out BAR PITTI, of which Silvano Marchetto once owned 50% of before the famous feud with ex-partner and fellow Florentine Giovanni Tognozzi .. Bar Pitti is 3 in The Triangle of Celebrity Hot Spots in Greenwich Village, all 3 places just 2 blocks from one another. And Bar Pitti is directly next door to “Arch Enemy” DaSilvano .. 



Jay Z

Sara Jessica Parker

Matthew Broderick

Jake Gyllenhaal

George Stephanopoulos

Jerry Seinfeild

NOT QUITE AS IMPRESSIVE as The CELEBS We Had at Da SIvano One Upon a Time …

But Then Again “Nothing Is As Good as It Used to Be” Especialy Music and Cars “Both AWFUL”

Daniel Bellino-Zwicke




Italian-American New Yorkers and Their Food

Italian-American New Yorkers and Their Food



It was a Beautiful Presidential Inauguration Day in Washington D.C. today … President Barack Obama was sworn in as President for a Second Term. God Bless and good Luck Mr. President ..

Everyone was in High Spirits with Patiotism and Much Optimism for a Better America, a Better World, Peace, Good Health, Happiness, and Good Spirits. And of Course for our Economy to Pick-Up from the doldrums it has been in for more than 4 years now. 

President Obama has been trying his Best and we all hope and pray that he will be able to work together with Congress and The Senate to get our great Country “America” Back-On-Track with a Healthy and Hopefully Booming Economy and All Good Things for America, Americans, and the World. Peace and good will towards man.

James Taylor sang, as did Beyonce with a beautiful rendition of The Star Spangled Banner.

The Presidential Luncheon afterwards and Toast to The President and Vice President Biden was quite wonderful, and our great New York Senator Chuck Shummer did a fine job as sort of Master of Ceremonies. Proud of You Chuck.