“Farewell My Friend” John Jay Fahy


John “Jay” Fahy    1954 – 2013

Jay Fahy was a childhood friend and practically brother to me, we were even roommates for a year and a half when I first moved to New York City, Jay was then an Assistant DA in Hudson County and then became a US Attorney before being appointed the Bergen County DA by Governor James Florio.
Jay was one of those extra Special people who every one who met him, instantly wanted to be his friend. If you were Jay friends, your life was instantly elevated with happiness and security of having such a great friend.
Jay was the essence of a “Good Time Charlie” At parties or in a bar, Jay uplifted the whole feeling and spirit of any room he was in. In bars or at parties Jay would always lead us in sing along’s of Harry Chapin’s wonderful song “Taxi,” American Pie, various Irish Songs like; Molly Mallone and The Wild Rover .. Many times I did this with Jay swaying to and fro, arm and arm, Shoulder-to-Shoulder, and you can bet if you had any problems in life or you were in some trouble, your buddy Jay would be there shoulder-to-shoulder helping you out. We sang these songs many a time at McSorley’s Ale House on East 7th Street in New York, McGovern’s in Newark, on our numerous trips with Jay’s brother Richie Fahy up to see our friend Eddie Stoppa in Montreal, at The Million Dollar Cowboy Bar on our Legendary Trip to Jackson Whole Wyoming and our many Ski Trips to Vermont and Hunter Mountain.
Jay has a multitude of friends who loved him dearly, a wonderful wife Ann, and his fine family of Mother, Brothers and Sisters (Father diseased).
Words can not describing our great loss of losing Jay, he will be missed greatly a million times over. But we will keep his memory alive. We, his close friends and family will gather, we’ll go to McSorley’s and other places, and do what we often did with Jay. We’ll get a couple beers, we’ll drink, and Sing Along just as we always did. We’ll tell stories of Jay, the many wonderful times spent together. We’ll miss him so. But Jay will be there with us. Watching from above, he’ll always be there in spirit with us, Our Good Ol Friend.

Farewell My Good Friend,
We Will Miss You,
We Will Not Forget You
We Will Celebrate You,
All The Dear Times,
Your Smile,

Your Friendship Which We’ll Always Cherish,
Thank You Jay for Being My Friend,
God Bless and Rest In Peace
Your Bud, Danny