LEVIS? The CADILLAC of JEANS ! “Why Buy any other?”

“]Why do people wear inferior overpriced Jeans when they can buy the “Best” top of the line, Cadillac of Jeans, LEVIS for less?

Answer: They are followers who do not have their own style, nor minds of their own. Followers who are easily brainwashed by companies who know how stupid and foolish many are. Make a product that cost just a few dollars, package it and market that product to the weak minded followers and you can make 10, 20, 50, 100 times what the product cost you to make.
“Easy Pickins” The only reason that millions of moronic followers bought so many dumb ass Von Dutch hats, T-Shirts and what not, why people buy the mundane ugly overpriced Northface jackets and coats and why people will buy inferior overpriced jeans that cost $100, $200, $300 and more when they can get “Thee Only,” BEST, Coolest Jeans ever, LEVIS for just Forty Bucks. Yes fust $40 for The Worlds Best Jeans. The people who buy….
by Daniel Bellino Zwicke “To Be Continued”

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