The STARVING ARTIST COOKBOOK by Daniel Bellino Zwicke

EVERYTHING a STARVING ARTIST or ANYBODY NEEDS to SAVE AND SURVIVE The RECESSION COOKING QUICK and EASY MEALS, TAUGHT to YOU in SIMPLE STEP-BY-STEP METHODS…..”So Easy Even a Child Could DO” Almost Anyway? This Book is Filled with RECIPES for The MOST TASTY DISHES IMAGINABLE! They are QUICK and EASY to MAKE, and JUST as GOOD, They’re CHEAP and WILL HELP ANYONE WHO HAS The BOOK and The METHODS in IT to SAVE Literally “THOUSANDS of DOLLARS” a YEAR…Year-After-Year !!!        Maybe as Much as a Half Million Dollars over The Long Run…. “Seriously”


The Starving ARTIST COOKBOOK Should be On EVERYONE'S Bookshelf "Starving Artist or Not"

Reviewed by Fred Willard

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