iPad 3 or iPad HD

What’s Up Apple? What’s it gonna be, a new high resolution Retina Screen, more power, more memory, a better camera, thicker, thinner, Bigger, smaller? These are some of the questions being asked about Apple’s new iPad. Heck, it may not even be called the “iPad 3″ but The .. iPad HD. Whatever! Speculation that Apple will keep the iPad 2 and sell it for less with a 8GB version. Will there be a 7” iPad? Who knows? Apple….
Well it’s 12:30 PM in New York and 9:30 AM in Corpertino and San Francisco California where the big Apple Press Conference will take place and start in about 30 minutes from now. Million are on the edges of their Proverbial Seats in Anticipation, Carly Simons and Heinz Ketchup. Ha Haaa !!!!
What’s it gonna be Apple? The World wants to know. Well World, people we’re gonna know, in about 30 minutes from now.
PS, they also say that Apple may announce that they are making a TV. Yes a TV, not that little box thing but a full blown TV, The Apple TV. Well, we’ll see. The countdown is on, 24 Minutes from now and counting down. What’s it gonna be Apple? Huh?


by Daniel Bellino ZwickeImage

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