The New iPad? What the Hell kind of name is that? People are wonder. A major blunder by Tim Cook. Come on Tim, what kind of name is that? People don’t know what to call it. Is it The iPad 3, The New iPad? What? Major questions are being raised. Prior to 10 Am California time yesterday the questions being asked where what the new iPad was going to be? Were the rumors correct, new high-resolution retina display a more powerful processor, better camera? Yes these all cam true. A cheaper 16 GB iPad 2 at $399. came true as well. The 7″ iPad not true. But the name Time? New iPad that’s gotta go. Maybe it will. Is this just a interim name? Will the name be changed once New iPads start physically going out to customers, or will this Crazy Name “The New iPad” remain? Yes, people are wondering.
Yes no major changes like the ability to increase GB with a SD slot or a USB port, two things people have been crying for but Apple with their Tyrannic Rule make you adhere to their Iron Rule and Control of The Apple Universe all in effort and success to grab as much of your money as possible and monopolize control. Apple is not gonna let you buy more Memory from Scandisk or any other company, they “Want It All” to themselves. Yes, Dictate and control, that’s Apple, like it or not, that’s the way it is.
Well, until the next iPad, 4 or what, iPhone 5 or what. It’s an Apple Universe and we only live in it.
“Da Da Dats All Folks” !!!!



Daniel Bellino Zwicke

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