Godfather Sunday Sauce Sneaker by Bellino


Sunday Sauce The Sneaker / GODFATHER Gravy Bellino

Sunday Sauce The Sneaker, inspired by Clemenza showing Michael Corleone (AL Pacino) how to make Sauce for a bunch of Guys (Mobsters) … These Limited Edition “One of a Kind” Sneakers were created by Bellino from the art work from his BEst Selling Italian Cookbook about Sunday Sauce Italian-American Gravy with Sausages, Meatballs, & Braciole. These fabulous looking sneakers are sure to please any and all fans of The Godfather Movie by the great Italian American Director Francis Ford Coppola, or fans of the great Italian-American actor from da Bronx New York, the one and only AL Pacino. This is a limited edition run. If you want a pair, act soon. Get a pair for yourself, or give as a most amazing Gift. Gift Ideas : Christmas, Birthdays and all occasions.

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