Scalamandre Zebra Wallpaper



Scalamandre Zebra Wallpaper



Gwyneth Palthrow as Margot Tenenbaum

In Wes Anderson’s The ROYAL TENENBAUM’S

The walls of Margot Tenenbaum’s bedroom and bathroom were covered with the famed Scalamandre “Gino Restaurant” red ZEBRA WALLPAPER. We guess Wes Anderson was a Fan?




This is The Famous Wallpaper



Sadly GINO’S Closed in 2010

















Italian Cocktails in New York

My Don Ciccio Manhattan
I was walking home yesterday after doing a few errands. I was walking from east to west on Bleecker Street in Greenwich Village when just a little over a block from my apartment at Macdougal & Bleecker and normally I would continue west on Bleecker for one block then make a left onto Avenue of The Americas. However I decided to take a slight detour as I wanted to pass Dante NYC (Cocktail Lounge) to see if I spotted any friends there. So I made the left on Macdougal Street heading south. As I approached Dante, I saw someone covering part of his face to under his eyes with a napkin as to hide his face and joke around with me. I got closed and my friend Kresh removed the napkin and revealed his face. He was there with my pal Vince and he started laughing, and saying,”Danny’s here. We’re complete.” I was glad to see them and sat down. They already had a couple Negroni’s in front of them. We started chatting and I knew I was in for a good time. Yes of course, as one should be whenever going out for cocktails. We were talking when the waitress came over and asked if I wanted a cocktail as well? “Hell Yeah,” I thought to myself, and also was thinking what I wanted t drink, and of course I decided on a Negroni, after all, it was Negroni Time at Dante. And so I ordered one, which between the hours of 4-6, they cost $10 instead of the normal $14 during non-Happy Hour hours. This is good. 
We were all chatting and having a good time when my Negroni arrived at the table, so now I could join in on the drinking and we were having a most wonderful time. Then Kresh’s friend Jay came. He ordered a cocktail with flowers in it, and I can’t remember he name. 
Well, my three friends that I was at the table with, are all in the wine business selling wine in New York City. My friends Kresh also makes his own wine in Croatia, and sells it to several restaurants and wine bars (Bacari) in Venice, including one of Venice’s most wonderful restaurants of all, Al Covo. This is very cool, and Kresh was showing me a video of him actually delivering the wine by boat to Al Covo. Again, “very Cool.”
So we were having a good old time at Dante and Kresh and Jay ordered a second drink, so I figured I’d get one as well. M y Negroni was good, but I wanted something different this time around, so I was to thinking what to get. I had seen a Manhattan made with Amaro instead of Sweet Vermouth, and I thought’d like to get one of those, so when the waitress came by, I asked her if she had one of those on the cocktail menu. When I explained the drink to her, she said they din’t have that on the menu, but of course the bartender would make one for me, if that’s what I wanted. “Cool.” So I had to think about what kind of Whiskey to get, and which Amaro I wanted in place of the Sweet Vermouth. I inquired about the Amaro, and she brought me a list of Amari. I wanted to get one I’d never had before and so I chose Don Ciccio. The waitress took my order, and after probably 15 minutes, maybe more, my friends started wondering about my drink. Kresh said, “Where’s your drink. It’s taking a while.” I wasn’t worried. Hey they were busy. The drink came, and it was well worth the wait. The presentation was beautiful. My Amaro Manhattan looked great in its cocktail glass, and not just that, but there was a tiny little carafe filled with more of my Manhattan inside, and it was on Ice & Garnished with Luxardo Cherries and an Orange Twist to boot. We all admired the presentation and everyone thought it was just great. And so I took a sip of my cocktail. “Delicious!” I loved my Amaro Manhattan, and thoroughly enjoyed it,
After a while, Kresh brought up, us going for dinner. We talked it over, and decided to go to one of our favorites, and especially our “Red Sauce Club,” which is our little group who go out to eat at Old School Italian Restaurants around New York. John’s on East 12th Street (Since 1908) is one of our favorites, and we decided to go over there.
Anyway, as usual, we had a great time at Dante. The place is a bit expensive, but we always have a nice time, so, “Ce la Vie.”
Daniel Bellino Zwicke
July 2, 2019
Ingredients :
2 ounces RYE WHISKEY (Bulleit, Mitchers, Templeton)
1 Ounce Amaro of Choice (Averna, Lucano, Nonnino, Ramazzotti)
1 Dash of Angosura Bitters
1 Maraschino Cherry
1 Orange Peel (optional)
Fill a cocktail glass with Ice and some water, to cool the glass.
Place ice in a cocktail shaker (half full). 
Add a dash of Angostura Bitters to shaker.
Add the Rye Whiskey and Amaro.
Mix with with you cocktail spoon for i minute.
Discard ice from the cocktail glass. Place a strainer over the cocktail shaker and add the contents to the cocktail glass, minus the ice.
If using a orange peel (optional) add it now.
Serve and enjoy.
How to Make a NEGRONI


My Decatur Street Triple Header






“My Decatur Street Triple Header New Orleans” what is it, you ask? It’s quite a wonderful thing and one I suggest you do if you find yourself in the fare city of New Orleans, Louisiana. I’ve been going down there for some time now, and know a thing or two about this, one of America’s great cities, and certainly the most unique. As most people know, New Orleans is renowned for its food and restaurants, along with wonderful architecture and of course great music. But, you got to know which restaurants and other eateries are best, and the same goes for the music. 

Now, down to the food and drink, and my Deccatur Street Triple Header. OK, you still want to know, “what the Hell is It?” Well I first discovered that great sandwich, the Muffuletta at Central Grocery, along with the wonderful ritual of Beignets and Cafe Creme (Coffee) at Cafe du Monde on my first trip to the Big Easy with my Brother Michael, way back in 1995. We went to both these places, as well as the 3rd spot in my Triple Header, when we went for dinner at Tujague’s after my sister-in-law Eileen won a little money on a Slot Machine on the Paddle Boat Casino that we took a ride on. “Thanks Eileen,” we had a great time there at Tujague’s, all having their famous Table d’ Hote Dinner.

Now back to My Decatur Street Triples Header. First off, the first thing is heading over to the Central Grocery for their World Famous Sandwich, the Muffuletta which was invented there over 100 years ago by the Sicilian immigrant owner Salvatore Lupo. The sandwich is made, first off we start with the bread which the sandwich gets its name from, a large round loaf Sicilian “Muffoletta Bread” is a large flat loaf of bread. The bread is cut in half horizontally, then stuffed with Italian Provolone Cheese, Mortadella, Ham, and Salami and topped with the famous Olive Salad, made with large Green Sicilian Olives, Celery, Roast Peppers, and pickled Vegetables dressed in olive oil and Oregano. The Sandwich is one of the World’s Great Culinary Delights and the perfect way to start my cherished Decatur Street Triple Header.

I must warn you that the current owner of Central Grocery who married into the Lupo family is one “Miserable Bastard,” who has the personality of a Dead Fish. Just Horrible. Don’t worry, the sandwich makes up for it. Order your sandwich, give the miserable bastard the money for the sandwich, don’t let his “Horrible Attitude” bother you, get your sandwich, take it to the counter and eat it in delightful Bliss.




And a Barq’s ROOT BEER





Cafe Du Monde

Decatur Street



Cafe Creme & Beignets





The next stop on my Triple Header of Decatur Street New Orleans, is to me, one of the greatest places, not just in New Orleans, but of all of Gods Good Earth, “seriously, I Love this place.” Why’s it so great? Well it’s one of those places were everybody and anybody who goes to New Orleans goes here, to do what you do, when you got to the Cafe du Monde, and that’s to eat Beignets covered with tons of Powdered Sugar every day 24/7, 365 days a year, “Cafe du Monde never closes.” And to go with your tasty fresh fried French Beignets, you get a Cafe Creme chicory coffee, that taste so good. And it’s all cheap enough for everyone to partake. This is my # 2 in my New Orleans Triple Header.








Now on to # 3, as we head back down Decatur Street to the oldest restaurant in New Orleans, “Tujague’s” and their stand-up bar for a Grasshopper Cocktail. Yes, I said a Grasshopper Cocktail. And you’re wondering why a Grasshopper(? Well, the drink was invented right here in 1918 by bartender Philip Guichet. Most people who go to the “Long Bar” at Tujague’s have no idea the drink was invented here, and the 3 times I came here and ordered one, and everyone started to ask me what I was drinking, and after I told them, everyone in the bar started ordering Grasshoppers too. “I love doing this.”





with a Friend at “The LONG BAR”













New York and $3 PBR Beer



New York and the $3.00 PBR, Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer has been a God-Send to many New Yorkers. As you all know, the US Economy has been in the Shitter for the past 5  years or so.

Many people are out of work, and many who are working, are taking home Half-as-Much Money or more of what they used to make. People have had to buckle down and give up or curb many things they enjoyed previous to the current state of our economy, which is in almost a Depression Era State.
Yes, everybody says that we are not in a Depression, we’re in a recession. Those are the Rich and Well-Off, The 1%-ers  talking. To many, the state of our Union and their feelings are of Depression.
So, because of the Terrible State of our Economy you have given up eating out 3 times a week, you buy less clothes, spend less on Entertainment and any number of things. You haven’t had a vacation in the past two years, maybe more. You’ve given up a lot. We all have.

Now when it comes to socializing, going out for a few Beers or Cocktails with some friends, you’ve had to cut back on that too. But hey, you gotta draw a line somewhere, and everyone is entitled to a few drinks to unwind every now and then, and to be with friends. Yes times are bad, people are hurting, you need your friends more than ever. And having a few Beers or Drinks is one of the most common adult ways to do so. It’s natural and part of everyday life. You should be able to have two or three drinks or beers and not have to spend a small fortune doing so. You should be able to have 2 beers for about $10 including tip, and about $16 for tow drinks including tip. That’s reasonable. That’s what most people pay around America, and even less. But we don’t live in America, we live in the greatest City in The World, New York, and Cocktails and Beers here can be oh-so-dear. “Expensive!” Expensive as Hell, “Ridiculously Expensive.” It’s absurd and outrageous, with many places thinking it’s normal and OK to charge $16.00 or more for a measly little Cocktail made by a friggin so-called “Mixologist.” Ha! 

It’s not OK, what’s a person to do? So yes, we live in New York, and having a couple cocktails here can be a costly undertaking.. What is a Poor Working Guy or Working Girl to do??? Well Boys and Girls, let’s Thank God for that great thing of wonder and the Bars and establishments who so graciously and kindly serve it, The $3.00 PBR, That’s right, a $3.oo Beer in The Land of The Over-Priced $16.00 Cocktail, Manhattan, New York, NY….. It’s quite Sad, Greedy too, not to mention “Ridiculous Ludicrous and Insane.”

Yes, Thank God and let’s thank the Kind-Hearted proprietors who serve $3.00 PBR’S or any Beer for just $3 or $4 in a New York Bar. You are doing your fellow man a public service and we thank you for that. Whoever you are, you are to be commended, and Shame-On-You, all those places that serve $14 PLUS Cocktails. “RIP-OFF” !!! Wish the masses would Boycott these places and patronize places like Blue & Gold Bar, 7B, and anyplace who has a heart. Bars that serve 3 and 4 Dollar Beers.
I just have to say, it’s great to go to a place like Blue and Gold Bar on East 7th Street and know that you can have 3 or 4 Beers for just $12 to $16, accounting for a Buck a Pop for the Barkeep. Now that’s pretty good. I have had the best times hanging at Blue & Gold with some friends. You sit at the Bar or get into a nice comfy booth, drink your Beers ($3 PBR’S), relax, listen to the Music, Chit Chat, and just enjoy, and it’s not going to cost you The Shirt Off Your Back.
Yes, you can have 4 Beers, tip included for the price of 1 Rip-Off Drink at one of those Rip-Off Joints. And if you are Dumb enough to have four drinks in one of those places, guess what it’s going to cost you? About $75 my friend.

Well, do the Math, and if you can afford $75 for only 4 drinks, God Bless You. And if you can’t, you’ve got an alternative. Right, your local $3.00 PBR Joint. They’re a God-Send.

 Daniel Bellino Zwicke
 Copyright 2008 Daniel Bellino Zwicke


BLUE & GOLD BAR in the East Village, on East 7th Street between 1st and 2nd Avenues. Blue & Gold has long been a favorite of mine ever since I lived in the East Village from 1982 to 1994. It’s just a cool ol normal old style bar with a pool table, standard 50’s 60’s Bar Decor, and Best-of-All $3.00 PBR’S and $6.00 Cocktails. I love it.7B   a.k.a. The Horseshoe Bar, also in the East Village, a bastion of cheap and fare prices in Manhattan and Land of The $3.00 PBR and other $3 and $4 Beers.  7B  is located on the corner of Avenue B at 7th Street, hence the name “7B”  … The nickname Horseshoe Bar comes from the shape and dimensions of the bar, “Horseshoe Shaped.” The bar has been the setting of numerous movie shoots, including the scene in Godfather II when Frankie Pantangeli (Frankie 5 Angels) goes to this bar for a meeting with the Rosato Brothers, and Danny Aiello raps a Piano-Wire around his neck. A scene from Crocodile Dundee and other movies as well ….  But Best of all, at 7B they serve $3.00 Beers, cheap drinks, and they have a photo and sell Potato Chips and Pretzels which practically no bars in Manhattan ever do any more. And this is a good thing when you get the munchies from the Beer. Glory Hallelujah, thank God for 7B .. 





Daniel Zwicke





I first wrote this piece way back in 2008. I was unemployed at the time, and not doing as well as I am today. What a difference a decade makes. No, I’m sill not rich, no where near it, though I have saved a bit more money, and definitely doing a lot better than I was when I wrote “New York & The $3 PBR,” and how much it meant to me, and a good many New Yorker’s at the time when New York and America had gone into a major recession and financial downturn. Many lost their jobs, as did I, and millions other fellow Americans. Many lost their jobs, and got new jobs at half their previous pay and even worst. And on top of it, the average price of a cocktail in New York was somewhere around $14, and many places at $16 &$17 before tip. Just figure on Twenty Dollars a drink at those places. And with sky-high rents, what was a person to do? If you wanted to go for 2 or three drinks, it could cost you $40 to $60 just for  a few drinks. Again, “What is a person to do?” I person has to drink, doesn’t one? Well no, it’s not really a necessity, like, air, water, food. Or is it? Yes, for many it is. The ability to go out for two or three drinks, and not pay, “An Arm & a Leg” so to speak. Shouldn’t your average Jane or Joe Shmoe be able have two or three drinks for just about 20 Bucks or less, including tax, tip, drinks, everthing? “Hell Yeah!” Well my good friends, just like back in 2008 when I wrote New York & he $3 PBR, believe it or not, you can still go to bars in NY and get a three dollar beer, a $3 PBR, and even for just $2.00 … “I Love it!” This is certainly good news. I was thinking about those places, and wondering, did they still have $3 Beers? Yes They do. There are even places where you can go and get a Shot & a Beer for just Six Bucks. Yes I said $6.00 … “Well, where the Hell are they,” you want to know? Read on my friends.



BLUE & GOLD BAR … East 7th Street, EAST VILLAGE, NY NY  … “They Still Got $3 PBRs” and you can get a SHOT & BEER for just $6.oo … “Still my Favorite Bar” in NEW YORK

7B Horseshoe Bar at the corner of East 7th Sreet & Avenue B in he East Village of New York …  Yes they sill have $3 PBRs and other Beers, and one of the Very Few Bars in NEW YORK where you can still buy Pretzels & Potato Chips , “Love It!”

169 BAR … Lower East Side, NEW YORK NY …  $3 PBR’S, GENESSEE CREAM, MILLER HIGH LIFE, MILLER LITE and other Beers.

RUDY’S … 627 9th Avenue “HELL’S KITCHEN” NEW YORK NY, between 44th & 45th Streets … Pitchers of BEER for Only $8.00 & FREE HOT-DOGS .. $3 Pints of RUDY’S BLONDE LAGER

MILANO’S “New York’s Favorite Dive Bar” ,, 51 East Houston Street, New York, NY .. No, they may not have $3 PBRs, but $4 cans of ROLLING ROCK, a great Jukebox, and the fact that it’s NYs Favorite Dive Bar is good enough for me. I’ve had lots of wonderful times here, spent banging back a few brews, dropping cash into the Jukebox to play all my favorite songs (NO HIP HOP RAP CRAP), and sing along with my Pals. We’ve had many legendary nights here.




Milano’s Bar



WELCOME to The JOHNSON’S … 123 Rivington Street, NY NY … $2 PBR’S



Welcome to The Johnson’s


My Hurricane Sandy Odyssey

October 2012
I’m walking up 5th Avenue, just south of the Flatiron Building in New York, the day after Hurricane Sandy hit New York around 8 PM the previous night. The storm knock-out all Electricity below 26th Street in New York, which included my apartment in Greenwich Village.
I knew they had electricity above 26th street so I went on a quest in search of  Coffee, food, and electricity to charge the batteries in my Laptop Computer, my tablet, and Cel Phone.  I thought I’d be able to fulfill these requirements at a Starbucks somewhere, but Star Bucks failed me and all of New York by not being able to pull together crews to open at least 2 or 3 of their stores in Midtown Manhattan. Starbucks Failed New York and the people of the city of NY at a time when we needed them most, during Hurricane Sandy. Satrbucks SUCKS ! And they do not have an excuse that because of the hurricane, they couldn’t open any of their locations, McDonald’s did, and if they did, Starbucks should have been able to and they didn’t. They probably didn’t even try, they Suck. I’ve never really liked Starbucks, and I don’t support them, and this I will never forget or forgive Starbucks for not helping New Yorker’s when we needed it most, during Hurricane Sandy. If McDonalds was able to open some of there locations and they did and I went to one and had a large coffee and a Black Angus Cheeseburger and used the Wifi and that really helped me out, and helped the people of New York, so once again I want to say STARBUCKS SUCK, you Failed the people of NEW YORK when we needed you most.
So anyway, I couldn’t find one dam Starbucks open. Those SOBs. I did find a McDonalds and had a nice time there. Before I went to the McDonald’s in midtown, I went up to The Waldorf Astoria Hotel and plopped myself down in the lobby of the Waldorf for a couple hours, hung-out,and charged my batteries and had a great time there.
I left the Waldorf and as I was walking from east to west, I came upon a McDonald’s that was open, so I went in. I ordered a large Coffee and a Black Angus Cheeseburger and I was in business. I sat down and enjoyed my coffee and burger, and I was happy.
Calm Before The STORM

October 2012
Most peopel probably don’t think about it, but for many of us (Millions) Coffee is one of the most important and loved things in all our lives. It’s almost a necessity to many. We all must air to breath, and water, and food to survive, clothing, and the shelter of a home and roof over our heads, and after these absolute necessities to actually staying alive, to live, Coffee comes right after these things taht are an absolute must to staying alive. Yes, Coffee is an option, but the # 1 most popular, “Must Have” options to living a happy life, “We’ve got to have IT.” We gotta have our Coffee in the morning, and thorughout the day, but we have to have tht first cup to get us going in the morning, and if we don’t, we’re not happy campers.
The day Hurricane Hit New York, we (New Yorker’s) wanted food, shelter, we wanted Electricity, some of us had it, and some  didn’t. I for one was one who didn’t have electricity, and we were without it for 5 days, but I for one made due. Well, not just me, a few million of us in the New York Metropolitan area. Anyway, again, I must reiterate, Starbucks failed us on this day when they could have and should have served us well. They didn’t, and for this, I say again, STARBUCKS SUCKS ! Do you hear me Starbucks? You SUCK !
So, I walked from my home in Greenwich Village. I walked up Sixth Avenue in search of Coffee, Food, and Electricity. I did find all 3 eventually, but not at Starbucks, do you know why? Starbucks Sucks, that’s why. McDonald’s managed to open a couple locations, but Starbucks didn’t, they were all closed. Starbucks didn’t serve New Yorkers coffee when they needed it more than ever, they Suck.
Anyway, I wanted to go to The Ace Hotel to get coffee and electricity, but they weren’t letting anyone other than guest to go into the hotel, so I continued on looking for a Starbucks, which I found, but they were all closed, Starbucks couldn’t manage to at least open a couple Starbucks, the way the McDonald’s Corporation did, serving New Yorker’s when they needed it most, McDonald’s came through, Starbucks didn’t. Starbucks SUCKS !



Me and The Big Lebowski Cookbook



White Russian Cocktail

The Dude Abides! Yes he most certainly does. I first saw the seminal movie The Big Lebowski, (Crime Comedy)I think it was somewhere around the year 2000. I know this because the movie was released in 1998, and I was working as a manager at Da Silvano restaurant at the time, and my co-worker Alessandro and I used to quote lines from the movie. We booth loved, as we also loved Boogie Nights, and I  remember Alessandro quoting lines, like “Don’t bother me. My  wife is in the driveway with an Ass up her Dick, and you’re giving me shit about the lighting.”

Anyway, I can’t remember the exact time watching it, but I do remember there was a video store that sold new VHS Movies pretty cheap. Like $5.99 and $6.99 for a lot of good movies, and I really built up my movie library frm that place, whatever its name was, I can’t remember. Anyway, along with Casablanca, The Godfather, several 007 Bond films, Fargo (Coen Brothers), and other movies, I bought a VHS copy of the Coen Brothers “Big Lebowski,” at that video store on 6th Avenue that day. I took the movie home and watched it that night, “I Loved it,” it was brilliant, and since that first viewing, I’ve probably watched The Big Lebowski starring Jeff Bridges as The Dude, at least 80 times in the past 19 years or so. I can never get enough of the Dude, Walter (John Goodman), Donny (Steve Buscemi), and Maude (Julianne Moore). and the greatest cult movie of all-time The Big Lebowski. The movie is fun, lighthearted and entertaining, and Jeff Bridges in the lead roll turns in a brilliant performance. I recently  came across a video clip of Julianne Moore stating in an interview, saying something like, “I’m stunned as to why Jeff Bridges was nominated for an Oscar. His performance was amazing.”

Anyway, I just love the film and the characters, and all the little happenings in it, and great music too. Not an ounce of Shitty Ass Rap Hip Hop so-called music. To me, its just awful noise, and ever chance I get, I’ve just got to knock it and put it down for the Shitty Ass Crap that it is. Basta!

Anyway, back to the good music of the Big Lebowski. The movie begins with a mystic figure of the Cowboy Stranger, played brilliantly by Sam Elliot narrating (not seen) and stating he’s going to tell a story about a guy named The Dude who lives in Los Angelas as the song “Tumbling Tumbleweed” plays in the background, and we see a panormic shot of the city of Los Angelos, then a closer shot of a actual Tumbleweed rolling in the wind down the streets of LA. 

Yes there’s music by the obscure Sons of Pioneers (Tumbling Tumbleweed), Bob Dylans “The Man in Me,” the Eagles who we find out that The Dude hates, and most of all the Dude favorite band Creedence Clearwater Revival, who the Dude just loves and listens to constantly. We hear Creedence music throughout the movie. One of the most memorable scenes is when Dude is happy driving in his car (favorite pastime), smoking a joint and listening to Creedence’s “Out My Back Door.” The Dude ends up dropping his joint into his pants, which starts burning his crotch, the Dude bangs on his crotch to put the little fire out, and proceeds to crash his car into a telephone pole.

The Dude ends up in all other kind of mishaps and hi-jinx. H to is favorite pastimes as the Dude states Maude one day that he likes; Bowling, smoking weed, driving around, and “A Little of This & a Little of That.” Doesn’t everyone?

Yes, I’ve watched the Big Lebowski many times, it makes me happy, I just laugh and laugh. I love the characters, the things the say (like Fuck 225 times), and their outlook on life. Walter likes Beer, bowling, and being a Hard Ass, and his all-time # 1 favorite thing is to tell Donny to “Shut The Fuck Up!” Donny, what does Donny do? Well, Donny likes Bowling too, and is more or less along for the ride and have Walter (John Goodman) yell at him, “Shut The FUCK Up Donny!!!”

Maude, she’s into art, hanging with her Gay Friend Knox Harrington, “the Video Artist,” and going to the Biennale (Art Festival) in Venice. That’s Venice, Italy, not California where the Dude lives.

The there’s “The Jesus” played by John Tarturro. Jesus is a rival bowl of Mexican ancestry who Walter claims is a pedophile.,  but he “Can Fucking Roll,” as Dude says, meaning that he’s a really good bowler.

The actual Big Lebowski is played by actor David Huddleston. He’s a rich guy living in Pasadena and is married to a much younger “Trophy Wife” named Bunny, who just so happens to be a Porn Star actress, starring in a Pron Film Logjammin, that Maude screens for the Dude one day. 

The whole them of the movie is that Bunny owes money to her Pornographer Producer boss Jackie Treehorn (Ben Gazzara) who wants his money back. Treehorn sends a couple of dumb goons to Bunny’s husband Jeff Lebowski to get his money back. Only problem is the dummies go to the wrong Lebowski House, they go the Dudes house in Venice Beach. The Dude’s real name is Jeff Lebowski as well, and this turns out to be a case of mistaken identity. This is how the Dude ends up mixed into a lot of stuff, like the faked Kidnapping of Bunny Lebowski (Tara Reid) being held for ransome, which in the end turns out that Bunny’s Husband Jeff Lebowski who is Maude’s father is trying to extrot 1 Million Dollars from a fund that his family has set up for  under-Privileged children in the city of Los Angelos.

Well, what about the food you want to  know? Well food comes up in the famous scene when the Dude, Donny, & Walter end up at an In-N-Out Burger ( recipe ) one night after thinking that a high school kid named Larry has their briefcase full of money (supposed). 

The  movie the Big Lebowski has an enormous cult following of millions, many of whom like to call themselves achievers, named after the children who receive funding for their education from the Big Lebowski’s “Urban Achievers Foundation.” Many have wondered if the Dude is a vegetarian or not and what he likes to eat, which we never see him eating any food on the movie. In the scene where they go to In-N-Out Burger on Camrose, and we see Donny and Walter eating In-N-Out Burgers in The Dudes car, but we never see Dude eating one. Why? Some have speculated the Dude is a vegetarian. He’s not. Dude loves burgers too. He loves Guacamole, Burritos, Tacos and Maude’s Meatloaf, as well as Walter’s “Jewish Penicillin.” And it’s all in the cookbook “Got Any Kahlua?” The Collected Recipes of The Dude, aka The Big Lebowski Cookbook written by me.

Got Any Kahlua is  a satirical look at the movie the Big Lebowski, and it’s an actual cookbook with lots of great recipes that we (I, “The Royal We”) think the Dude would like to eat, like; Eggs for Breakfast, Tunafish, Cowboy Chili, Steak, Burgers, Guacamole, Tacos, Burritos, and of course Maude’s Meatloaf. And yes, there’s a recipe and instructions for The Dude’s favorite beverage, a “Caucasian,” aka White Russian Cocktail which has become a trademark of the Dude and that movie called The Big Lebowski. And no Big Lebowski Themed Cocktail or Bowling Party would be complete without them.

So, loving the Big Lebowski, and food, and being a writer of cookbooks, and a chef, I one day got thee idea to put them all together, and so GOT ANY KAHLUA aka The Big Lebowski Cookbook was conceive, written, and executed by little ol me, Daniel Zwicke.









The BIG LEBOWSKI is a CRIME / COMEDY Movie written, produced and Directed by the COEN BROTHERS in 1998

Starring ; JEFF BRIDGES as The DUDE

John Goodman as Walter

Steve Buscemi as Donny

John Tarturro as “The Jesus”

Julianne Moore as Maude Lebowski

Davide Huddleson as The Big Lebowski

Philip Seymour Hoffman as “Brandt” 







Daniel Zwicke